Consulting Team

Daisy Bicking

Daisy A. Bicking owns and operates Daisy Haven Farm, Inc., a multi-farrier practice in South Eastern Pennsylvania.

Daisy started in hoof care in 2003 when her own horse foundered. Quickly realizing her passion for feet motivated Daisy to start Daisy Haven Farm, Inc. which rehabilitates the equine foot on and off-site, specializing in horses with metabolic disorders and laminitis. Daisy has studied a broad spectrum of barefoot trimming styles, composite material applications, and other alternative support options with KC LaPierre, ELPO, Monique Craig, Mike Salvoldi, and more. She attends and presents at the Int’l Hoof-Care Summit, The Laminitis Conference, and other seminars annually.

Daisy strives for a team approach to whole horse rehabilitation. She utilizes extensive documentation of the foot via digital photography and radiography maintaining a database of over 200,000 pictures and corresponding X-rays. Daisy also teaches courses in recognizing tissue distortion of the foot and composite material application domestically and abroad.  See for more information on podiatry services and educational opportunities.

Steven King APF

Steven King Photo





Steven offers full care farrier services for all types of equines in a variety of disciplines.

He especially likes working as part of a team (owner, vet and dentist) for posture rehabilitation. His work is largely influenced by Dr. Judith M. Shoemaker and Daisy Bicking. Steven constantly tries to further his education by attending the International Hoof Care Summit, Daisy Haven Farm workshops and other seminars. He has studied a wide variety of hoof care methods and programs, including traditional farrier science, Natural Hoof Care, Equine Lameness Prevention, Dr. Esco Buff, and others. He is proficient in the use of composite and steel shoes, and the rehabilitation of bare foot equines.

Steven is an all around good horseman with a kind and patient attitude. He enjoys trail riding and caring for his equine friends.

Lee Follett

Lee Follett is an IAED certified equine dental technician and is working towards completing his vet tech degree in his home state of Indiana.  While trained in environmental science, Lee has worked professionally with horses since college days, as a rider, trainer and facility manager.  He became interested in equine occlusal equilibration after seeing the results of sophisticated dentistry on horses under his care.  He graduated from the American School of Equine Dentistry in 1999, and served an intensive internship under IAED examiner Lance Rubin.  He currently treats horses for occlusal problems from Illinois to New York, and teaches veterinarians and technicians at the American School of Equine Dentistry.   His special interest is in developing new treatment modalities for equine periodontal disease. Lee Follett can be contacted by email;, or by phone; 260-438-3315.