Here at Always Helpful we truly value and appreciate all our clients and patients.

Always Helpful Success Stories

“The most relaxing veterinarian visit my family has ever had. The facility is modern yet retains that old-world country doctor feel. The staff is more than friendly and it was amazing to watch my new puppy become totally relaxed with our new vet in a matter of minutes. We are so impressed that both dogs will visit for hopefully what will be a very long relationship.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Shoemaker personally. I consider her the top holistic vet in the US and continue to refer cases to her. Her consults provide peace of mind as well as clinically responsive treatments.

Dr. Joseph A. Bauer

“I took Paddy for an initial evaluation. Never, Have I experienced an evaluation so complete and thorough! Dr. Shoemaker spent the entire two and a half hours examining Paddy and explaining the causes and expected results with the proper care. I was treated to a caring and very professional staff. First-class all the way. I felt like they loved Paddy, our chocolate lab just as much as I do.”

Dr. Shoemaker is always professional. The time and loving care she showed my Cocoa (German shorthair pointer) is beyond expectations. The 3-hour round trip drive is well worth it. She explains everything in detail and is always willing to give helpful advice. The staff are very friendly and always ready to help.
Love this place!

“Always Helpful Veterinary Services is just that – Always Helpful. Charming facilities; caring, kind and knowledgeable staff, and outstandingly useful veterinary treatment have made us repeat clients. Would (and have) highly recommend this practice to those seeking more than an average vet experience. We are more than pleased!”

Our vet suggested chemotherapy after the removal of our dog’s soft tissue sarcoma. Poisoning him under the guise of potentially prolonging his life didn’t make any sense, so we decided to consult Dr. Shoemaker for alternative ways of enhancing his chances of survival.

This veterinary practice is described as holistic, and that whole-animal assessment starts the minute you enter the facility. Seemingly simple things like trimming nails and proper collars for walking immediately changed the way our dogs behaved.

Moving to a raw diet completely changed our old dog’s demeanor. At ten years of age, we considered his lethargy part of the aging and disease process. Three days into the raw diet he was acting like a new dog, invigorated and engaged with the world.

Veterinary services are expensive no matter where you go. We spent four-plus hours, and when averaged out to as much facetime with our old vets, Dr. Shoemaker’s services were no more costly. Just try to get more than 20 minutes with your average small animal vet – it won’t happen.

AHVS is a 45-minute drive from home through the rolling hills of southern Lancaster County. It’s well worth the travel time.

In our own health, we’ve come to accept answers from naturopathic and holistic sources, so doing the same for our pets was a no-brainer. If you find much of traditional medicine lacking, as we do, you will find comfort in this place.


“If you are like me and are looking for an alternative, holistic veterinarian, look no further than Always Helpful. They don’t believe in vaccinations unless they are needed so they titer before giving shots. This procedure is simply a blood sample that they check for the antibodies of the vaccination in question. If there are enough antibodies, vaccination is not needed.

They do chiropractic adjustments on your furry friends, acupuncture with a new infrared twist, PEMF treatments, and nail clippings all while you are there watching and talking to the vet. You get a full hour each visit and the Dr. is there the entire time. An enormous change from a traditional vet that you might see for a total of 5 minutes while the vet tech does most everything and anything they have to do; they take your pet behind closed doors where you aren’t allowed to go.

I know Always Helpful is a little out of the way for most of us, I live in West Chester, but it is well worth the trip. As you pull in, you can see the old 1800’s farmhouse that Dr. Shoemaker is currently renovating, and her practice is inside a totally renovated barn. It’s a beautiful country setting, making that alone worth the trip. As you park you are greeted by goats, geese, horses, llamas, guineas, and sheep. The goats and geese always greet us when we get there to the point that you can pet them through the fence. Don’t worry, all the animals except a few chickens are fenced in so there is no danger to you or your pet. They are the most thorough practice I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with during my 67 trips around the sun and I am absolutely sure you will feel the same after your first visit. I only wish my medical doctor was as thorough, hehe.

In closing, I might add that their prices are right in line with a traditional veterinarian, but you get so much more for your money with Always Helpful that, like me, you will never want to use a regular vet ever again. Please give them a try. I’m sure you will be thoroughly satisfied with your findings knowing that your fur baby is getting the best care possible!!”


Dr. Shoemaker is a wealth of knowledge, both clinical and training. Spending time with her and my Wire Fox Terrier is akin to a hands-on classroom experience. She has an extraordinary sixth sense with animals whether it’s a 1200 lb Thoroughbred or a 15 lb pup. Her extensive abilities using alternative modalities are nothing short of phenomenal. I am blessed to have crossed Life’s path with her!

Always Helpful offers paws, hooves, and hands-down, THE BEST and most comprehensive care for fur kids and guidance for us, their parents. I first came to Dr. Shoemaker years ago when other vets simply gave up on my Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound’s cardiac issues. There is no doubt that Dr. Shoemaker greatly increased their quality of life and their time with me through conventional and alternative treatments, as well as through dietary changes. Dr. Shoemaker treats the animal as a whole, which instills a foundation of wellness that helps protect against the disease processes from starting in the first place. I only wish I had known about Dr. Shoemaker 25 years ago! She has taught me so much about how profoundly important chiropractic and dental health, along with species-appropriate nutrition and even proper nail and hoof trimming are! I won’t trust the care of my beloved critters to anyone else! The knowledgeable, compassionate staff is absolutely par excellence. And treating at Dr. Shoemaker’s beautiful farm where the clinic is located is incredibly therapeutic in and of itself.

The Greatest Compliment is a Referral!

Tell a friend about Always Helpful Veterinary Services, and when they come in for an appointment and tell us who referred them, they’ll receive $20 off (small animals) or $40 off (large animals)¬†their first appointment, and you’ll receive the same credit for your next appointment.