The 2022 Animal Emotions course is closing!

Thursday Greetings!

I get the feeling that sometimes I blink and things have passed me by. You too?

Blink. The milk has gone sour, and little white flakes are suddenly floating on top of the morning tea.

Blink. The movie I intended to watch has stopped running. 

Blink. My oldest son now has a deeper bass voice than my husband. How did that happen?

Some of those things are inconsequential, some are crucial.

Sometimes I wish someone would have prodded me at that fleeting instant and said: “you’re not blinking, are you?” – so that I might catch that crucial moment before it’s gone.

So, here’s a little prod.

A little “you’re not blinking, are you”.

My flagship course Animal Emotions 2022 closes within hours. And it will be a year before it’s offered again.

This course has transformed the lives of my students – and their animals, so I feel compelled to let you know it’s there:

  • “The Animal Emotions course has quite literally changed my life. It has tremendously improved my relationships with animals–and people–in my life. It has even improved my understanding of my own behavior. I so enjoyed taking this course that I was inspired to continue my education in dog psychology and behavior.” (Doreen Alessi-Holmes)
  • “This course has turned my thinking around. I’ll be making some fundamental changes in my behavior medicine course for vet students thanks to it, and I think it will give them a more complete overview of animal behavior in general.” (Noa Harrell)
  • “I feel empowered and confident knowing that my instinctive way of interacting with the animals in my care is backed up by science… Most definitely the BEST and most relevant online course I have taken.” (Alison Parker-Jervis)
  •  “This course was one of the best, uplifting, interesting, fun, and eye-opening courses I have ever taken.“ (Britta Lindquist)
  •  “This course was so much more than I expected! … I kind of knew what works in dog training, but now I know why! (Birgitte Pletscher)
  • “It’s been several years since I learned so much new, useful, and relevant stuff in ONE course.” (Bettina Hvidemose)
  • “I learned completely new stuff that blew my mind.” (Kristin Due Holmegaard)
  • “Thank you for this course, it is, without question, far superior to any course I have participated in, to date.“ (Candice Milliard)
  • “I don’t think I have taken part in any form of education that has been delivered with as much skill as this.” (Gordon Gill)

I revise the course every year, and many of my students keep returning to this course – many have bought it for the second time, or the third time – and some even for the fourth time! 

Trust me, it’s one of those moments. The don’t-blink moments.

Find out more about the course and join us here. Make an informed decision about whether it’s a good fit for you.


Until next time, take care,


Check out the Animal Emotions course!




In accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health recommendations.

For the safety of our staff, clients, and patients we request that you please remain in your car and call 717-529-0526 upon your arrival at your pet’s appointment. A Technician will come out to greet you, take your pet’s history, and retrieve your pet for the doctor. If you prefer, we can make a virtual appointment with the doctor, you can have a phone consult, or you may reschedule your appointment.

If you came in direct contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19 or you have tested positive, your animal should only be seen in emergency situations. Please call the office so we can assess your pet’s needs. If deemed necessary, you may send your animal to the practice with a trusted agent and be available by phone or computer during the exam, or we may refer you to an Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time, stay safe, and stay healthy!


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We are delighted to inform you that Judith Shoemaker has been nominated as a Veterinarian of the Year in

Petplan’s 2017 Veterinary Awards!

Now in their sixth year, the Veterinary Awards honor outstanding advocates for pet health from across North America. Lori Napoli wrote the following, telling us why Judith Shoemaker deserves to be recognized as a “Pawsome” pet hero:

“I took my 4 yr old mini Goldendoodle to see Dr. Shoemaker for a preventative visit. I explained that he has always had a cough that the traditional vets dismissed. She gave him a homeopathic remedy and recommended we do a chest x-ray as a baseline before the next visit. Within days of starting the remedy his cough completely disappeared! I got the chest x-ray and she reviewed it as our next visit 3 months later. She said she thought she was looking at the lungs of a 12 yr old! Now that he is no longer coughing his lungs should heal. He is looking great and must feel a million times better not coughing! I am sure she added yrs and improved the quality of his life!!!”

Please add your nominations here:


Always Helpful Veterinary Services Receives

2016 Best of Nottingham Award

Read the full press release here:

2016 Award

Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame!

Celebrating Dr. Shoemaker’s induction into the Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame!

Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame