Equine dentistry is an important facet of equine care.  The complex interaction of trigeminal nerve and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) function with whole-body balance and physiology is a basic part of the integration of all modalities of treatment for medical issues as well as for lameness and performance problems.

Dentistry is probably the single most important management practice we can provide for our animals.  Properly done, it can prolong life, improve performance, balance body functions through autonomic input, prevent disease, and affect the quality of life more than any other care we give them.  Poorly done dentistry and mouth problems can cause more pain, lameness, and neurologic imbalance than any other illness, injury, or poor management practice.

The most effective way to protect your horse from these issues is through proactive, performance dentistry. Our associate Lee Follett can perform thorough equine performance dentistry here at Always Helpful Veterinary Services.

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