Welcome to Always Helpful Veterinary Services
Please watch for an introduction to our practice.

Welcome to Always Helpful, the integrative veterinary medicine and therapy practice of Dr. Judith M. Shoemaker and Dr. Sarah E. Urban.  Located in southeastern Pennsylvania in idyllic Lancaster County, this well-known practice draws clients and clinicians from around the world for holistic treatment programs and state of the art education —
in a healing environment.

The practice is dedicated to the creation of balance and health for all — please see our Mission Statement. This goal is achieved through the integration of the best combination of top quality allopathic care and skillfully applied complementary modalities. Through sophisticated, thorough evaluation and a multifaceted approach to care and treatment, Dr. Shoemaker, Dr. Urban and their dedicated team of integrative care professionals and therapists are able to assist with the resolution of many difficult and non-responsive health, soundness, and behavioral issues in both large and small animals. With an emphasis on owner education, caring interaction, and communication – for top-level competitive athletes, geriatric and chronically ill patients, and all in between –

we strive to be Always Helpful.