Publications by Judith M. Shoemaker, DVM

The following titles are now available for download:


Equine Dentistry:  A Major Influence on Biomechanical and Neurologic Function            Equine Dentistry (PDF : 42-kb)

Farriery  for Biomechanical Symmetry and Normal Function
farriery for Biomechanical Symmetry (PDF : 524-kb)

An Adjunctive Approach to Diagnosing Joint Disorders in the Horse   AdjunctiveApproach_JointDisorders (PDF : 258-kb)


Integrative Medicine and Therapy for Small Animals               JMShoemaker_CompMedforSA (PDF: 40-kb)

Integrative Medicine and Therapy for Large Animals               JMShoemaker_CompMedforLA (PDF : 45-kb)


Acupuncture Points of the Equine (video)

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Panacur Directions

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10 X  Panacur Deworming Regimen for Horses   (PDF : 16-kb)

Panacur Deworming Regimen for Dogs and Cats   (PDF : 15-kb)