When looking for an integrative veterinary care practice, you should be able to count on superior care and excellent service. At Always Helpful Veterinary Services in Nottingham, Pennsylvania, we focus on holistic medicine and therapy in a calm, healing environment. With thorough evaluation and an unparalleled multifaceted approach, Dr. Shoemaker, and our dedicated integrative care team can help you resolve many difficult and non-responsive health, soundness, and behavioral issues in both large and small animals.

Integrative care can set the foundation for a lifetime of good health. It can improve performance and maintain physical and emotional balance, so you and your pet can spend more quality years together. And it’s essential to detect issues early before they become more serious – and more expensive! We love to see your animals early in life and for seasonal wellness exams!

For chronic diseases such as arthritis, immune-mediated disorders, food and skin allergies, COPD, complex sports medicine issues, laminitis, cancer, and more, Always Helpful Veterinary Services offers a unique array of comforting, effective treatments and the information and support you need to give your animal companions the best possible care.

All your pets need regular holistic veterinary care to ensure optimal health and quality of life.

Be prepared to get the answers you’ve been seeking.

An appointment for a New Small Animal is approximately TWO HOURS long. This includes a comprehensive standard physical exam, including as needed:

  • Gait/Movement Analysis
  • Balance and handling assessment
  • Integrative nutrition and lifestyle consultation
  • Homeopathy consultation
  • Worming consultation
  • Vaccine consultation
  • Dental/TMJ exam
  • Ophthalmological exam
  • Spinal exam and adjustment
  • Acupuncture evaluation and treatment
  • Vetrostim treatment
  • Nail trim and training (for small animals)

A New Large Animal appointment is approximately THREE HOURS long, and includes the same services as above, and, may also include:

  • Trim/shoeing consultation
  • Saddle and bit evaluation
  • Clothing and equipment evaluation
  • Resetting flexors
  • Ozone therapy
  • Manaka balancing and moxa therapies

Additional professional services, diagnostic tests, or integrative therapies may be recommended for more complete evaluation and treatment. Dr. Shoemaker may, under some circumstances, refer you to a specialist at a referral hospital.

Dr. Judith Shoemaker will check your pet’s health from head to tail and provide the information you have been searching for!

We strive to be Always Helpful!
Please thoroughly complete the New Client and New Patient-Small Animal or New Patient-Large Animal forms by clicking the links to submit online. Or if you prefer, you may print the forms to fill out. Bring in any medical history and previous diagnostic tests when you come, or preferably, have this information emailed to us at info@judithshoemaker.com or faxed to 717-529-0776.

It’s best to keep records (even videos!) of your pets’ health throughout their lives, including behavioral changes. If you have been doing this, please share them with our team to have as complete histories as possible.

Call 717-529-0526 or request an appointment directly from this page, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your busy schedule.